Sudha Mani

I help Women entrepreneurs, executives and leaders to innovate & disrupt their competition. I also speak on Stage encouraging Young Women to pursue their higher studies or degrees or careers in S.T.E.M. Subjects (STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

I help you to Engage, Energise and Enthuse your business or venture or team to bring positive change, increase profits and productivity by unleashing your strengths and developing your signature leadership style.

I am a seasoned business technology professional helping organisations, entrepreneurs and executives to achieve their potential to out-smart and out-perform their competition to become the market leader. I have mainly consulted for organisations where departments and teams were failing to scale, grow or perform due to inefficiencies and failed technology implementations. Now I have added small businesses to my portfolio because small businesses are the backbone of any economy and the local community to thrive. I turn around the under-performing operations or businesses into high-performing operations by aligning, streamlining and re-engineering business processes to produce cost-savings, increased productivity and reduced employee turnaround. I help the teams to perform at their optimal level to deliver results.

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