Social Media on a small business budget

We all know social media is important for modern business. Never before have businesses of all sizes been able to truly market themselves in such a flexible way, whilst measuring the real time results of their efforts. The past few years have seen a shift in social media marketing, with Facebook leading the introduction of functions that allow businesses to be far more personal. The world’s biggest brands have adopted a more personable approach, yet the majority of small businesses still lag behind, neglecting personality for uncomfortable calls to action. We get it, the bottom line is that you need to see a return on the time and money you invest in social media, but adopting a modern and personal approach can be done both simply and affordably. In this session, we look into the algorithms that control the world’s leading social networks and get inside the mind of your target market. Action is the key! Let’s discover the simple and affordable steps you can take as a small business owner or marketing manager to make a real impact on Social Media and ultimately benefit your bottom line.

Location: Date: 9th May 2018 Time: 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm Jack Allan